Have you opened up your dishwasher to use a plate for dinner, and notice that it’s not as clean as it should be? You might not think anything is wrong with your dishwasher, and have had it inspected with no such luck, but the problem may not lie with the appliance – it may lie within how you’re loading your dishwasher!

Angling Your Items

Instead of placing your pans, bowls, or plates flat, you should always try to angle them to ensure that the water can enter the cavity and make sure it becomes clean. When it’s sitting at the wrong angle, you’ll find that sometimes the water can’t reach fully, and you’ll have extra soap scum left. You may even want to use this technique with your cups, as those are the trickier items to wash.

Tray Separators Are Your Best Friend

You may think that buying accessories for your dishwasher seems fully, but embedded separators ensure that each item you place in your dishwasher will have the proper amount of soap and water distributed to them. When you use this type of product, you want to place the separator in-between each one of your items, and completely avoid overlapping. In doing so, everything will distribute accordingly, and your items will get clean. Furthermore, you’ll see that there is less (if not any) soap scum left on your plates and bowls.

Cutlery Handles Should Face Down

When placing in your utensil holder, your cutlery should always have the blade exposed – not to harm anyone, but to have the most access to soap and water. When your cutlery isn’t getting clean, and you’re already doing this step, try putting less in the utensil holder. When they are too bunched, you’ll find that the water doesn’t distribute the soap evenly – causing some to come out dirtier than others.

Top Shelf Secrets

When it comes to that top shelf, you shouldn’t always aim to put pots and pans up there just because there is a bit more room. In fact, you should strive to put plastic items on that shelf due to the heating elements. You don’t want your plastic to leak chemicals or melt at all, so putting it up in the top can reduce and prevent this entirely.

Bigger Items on the Back Burner

Larger items in your dishwasher may be hard to place, but you should look at putting larger items in the back of the unit. This is because you’ll want strategic placement for them to receive the utmost water and soap. When they aren’t exposed to receiving either of the two, they will not get properly cleaned.

Not only will your pots, pans, plates, and utensils become cleaner, but you’ll also prevent the dishwasher from breaking down due to poor maintenance. If you have something more serious going on with your dishwasher, like the lack of a heating aspect or water leaking, and need a dishwasher repair expert, you may want to call Alpha Appliance Services at (416) 577-5354 today.