Those who use their cooker every single day for dinner will want to make sure they maintain it properly. Without, you won’t be able to deliver on a delicious meal as easily, and you’ll be out of a cooker and money! Keeping up with your cooker can result in a happy and fed family. Don’t be scared, though, as you don’t have to resort to cleaning it 5 hours a day. There are simple steps you can complete to keep your cooker clean. Let’s check them out!

Preventing Spills or Splashes

You’ve probably used a bag before when cooking meat for a reduction of grime and dirt in your oven, and you can do the exact same with a topper by putting a lid over the unit! In doing so, you reduce the amount of splashes that get everywhere, and reduce harm done to the skin when standing too close.

In using the aforementioned anti-splashing method, you can ensure that you can still fry foods, as well as boil in the unit without worrying about splashes. Furthermore, you reduce the amount of bacteria that will form around your cooker and on the surface. By making sure this step is completed, you don’t have to deal with grueling cleaning afterwards.

Don’t leave food unattended too long without checking in, or else your unit may be subjected to splashes or spills because they haven’t been looked after.

Grease Dislodging

To make sure that you’re not scrubbing your heart out, and to ensure that your cooker is always going to shine, you’ll want to take a bowl of hot water and put it at the lowest point of your cooker (on the bottom shelf itself). Then, you’ll want to put it on a high setting for around 20-30 minutes.

After this has been done, let the oven cool off entirely and take a damp cloth to it. The condensation from the water will loosen that gunk and allow you to remove it with ease.

Never Overfill Your Pots, Pans, and Dishes

Even when you overfill your dishes just a tiny bit, you immediately increase the mess you make and will need to spend a bit more time cleaning than you anticipated. If you let these “small” splashes accumulate over time, you’ll end up spending hours trying to clean it.

Make sure you follow directions precisely with how much water you place in your cooker, and make sure to use an appropriately sized pan.

Catching the Food That’s Fallen

When you’re baking or cooking, place foil at the bottom of the cooker to catch any spills, splashes, or drops that come out during the baking process. In doing so, you reduce burning smells, melting messes, and more.

Cleaning Your Pans Before Using

There’s nothing worse than old guck getting burned into your cooker, as it will be even harder to clean than normal grime and spillages. When you don’t clean your pans, not only are you presenting an unhygienic experience to you and your guests, but you’ll run the risk of burning old food into the unit, making more work for yourself in the future.

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