Picking out a range for your new kitchen can be overwhelming, to say the least. Makes, models, finishes, types, the list goes on. This is one appliance you’ll be using all the time, so it’s vital to find the right fit for your kitchen. One of the most critical factors you’ll need to decide on is if you want a gas or an electric range. We at Alpha Appliance Services curated a list of pros and cons to help make your decision a little bit easier.

Electric Ranges

Electric stoves are fantastic for a sleek and modern style. The glass cooking surface looks more like an accessory than an appliance, and they’re easy to clean up, and provide a nice, flat, even cook space, making spills less likely.

Electric ranges are also easy to use, ready to heat up at the flip of a switch. In an electric oven, the heat is much drier and more even than that of a gas oven, which can be a huge plus if you’re baking and don’t want any extra moisture. They also can come packed full of modern features, like an area to keep food warm until it’s ready to serve.

Some cons of an electric range are that if your power goes out, so does your ability to cook anything. Because they rely 100% on electricity, you’ll be out of luck during a bad storm. Their shiny cooktop can also become scratched or even shatter where it needs repair, making them a little less durable than gas ranges with grates.

Gas Ranges

Gas stoves heat up quickly since the flame is immediate. They offer absolute control over the heat and allow you to keep food on the burners without having to worry about it continuing to cook.

Because they use gas, most of the time, either natural or propane, they aren’t affected by power outages. When the electricity is out, you can still use your oven and stove for cooking. Gas ovens give off a more humid heat, making them great for roasts when you want to keep in moisture.

Gas ranges have their downfalls. Heat distribution can be uneven, causing you to have to rotate dishes you are baking. They can also be hard to clean and have uneven cook surfaces if the grates become lopsided. This can cause any liquids or oils to pool to one side of your pan. And lastly, gas can come with risks and potential leaks and require extra caution and regular maintenance to keep your home from filling with dangerous gases.

Final Thoughts

The battle between gas and electric ovens and stoves is really a matter of opinion. Different features are important to different people. If you’re looking for a sleek, easy to clean style that looks modern, electric is for you. If you want quick heat up and the ability to cook even if the power goes out, go for the gas. Of course, a significant factor is whether or not your house has the correct hookups for a gas stove.

Whichever you choose, Alpha Appliance Services can help you install your new range.