While everyone uses a washing machine, not everyone knows how to properly care for it. How you load and care for a washing machine may seem insignificant, but our team from Alpha Appliance Services is here to inform you that caring for it correctly can have major impacts on how your clothes come out and how long the machine will last. Our team provides Appliance Repair in Richmond Hill services, and we would be happy to share a few tips your washing machine can benefit from. 

Use a Suitable Amount of Detergent 

When it comes to adding detergent to your washing machine, the quantity and application are both critical to the wash. If you are using too much or too little, it could lead to a future malfunction of the machine that will result in needed repair. As a tip, it is also recommended to avoid the use of liquid fabric softener as this contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. 

Check & Prevent Mold Growth 

Front-loading washing machines are more efficient machines as they require less amount of water to be used in each load. However, if there are dirt particles or softeners left over that do not rinse out, the machine may develop mold. To prevent this, remove wet clothes as soon as you can from the machine and leave the machine door open in order to let it dry out and prevent mold from growing. 

Read the Directions Regarding the Loading Cycles 

When one follows the directions of the washing machine, they will be able to prevent future damage to the machine as well as prevent damage to the clothes they are washing. Overloading the machine can cause problems as well as putting in too much detergent. If the right steps are followed, both the seals and the spin basket will be able to last longer. 

Use the Right Spin Speed 

When it comes to setting the speed of the spin, it’s important that the right speed is selected so that the clothes and machine are not damaged in the process. Faster spins can tear and damage clothes if they are used in the wrong context. The difference between setting the right speed and the wrong speed lies in the laundry being wet and less damp when the cycle has been completed. 

How Our Appliance Repair Team Can Help 

If an issue does arise with your front-loading washing machine, it’s best to contact a trusted washer repair in Newmarket to decide on the best course of action. No matter what your circumstances are, our team at Alpha Appliance Services will be able to identify the problem with your washing machine and fix any error code you are receiving. If you would like to have one of our professional and trusted technicians come into your home to look at your broken-down washing machine, our team would be delighted to get the job done. Give our team a call at (416) 577-5354 today!