When you go to do your laundry and find out that your washer isn’t turning on, you may become quite concerned. This is completely understandable, as a washing machine is an integral component to almost every home. Not only that, but chances are you spent a good amount of money on your washer, and having that money go to waste is never a good thing. 

Luckily, there’s no need to panic too much, as the issue is likely something that can be fixed. Here at Alpha Appliance Services, we want to help troubleshoot this issue for you, and if need be offer you washer repair services that can fix all of your appliance problems. 

Overheated Machine 

When your machine has been running nonstop for days on end, it’s bound to overheat or get incredibly hot. In this instance, it’s really important you give your machine some time to cool down. If you don’t, you may have issues turning it on down the line. 

The Solution: Turn off your washer and leave it to cool down for a while. Once you’ve waited a few hours, come back and see if that was the issue by turning it back on again. 

Improper Settings 

If you have pressed the wrong settings either accidentally or on purpose, your machine will not turn on. Hitting the control lock or delay start buttons are just a few of the things that trigger a washer to not turn on. It’s also super easy to overlook. 

The Solution: It’s important to always open and close your washer door before starting a cycle. Reset & restart the washing cycle and see if the issue persists. 

Unplugged Cord 

This one may seem so obvious that you’ll completely ignore it as a possibility, but you may be surprised at just how often washers get unplugged. Since a washer can rumble back and forth during a cycle (especially one with heavy, bulky items like blankets and sweaters), the machine can move enough to pull the power cord from its outlet. 

The Solution: This one is pretty self explanatory, but be sure to carefully pull the washer so you have enough space to get behind the machine and plug the power cord back in if it is unplugged. 

A Blown Fuse 

When you get your washing machine, you also get what is known as a fuse built inside of it. This fuse is responsible for powering the entire appliance properly. When this component overheats, it can blow and shut off all the power that goes to your washer. This will cause the machine to fail to turn on.  

The Solution: Unplug your machine and remove the screws on your washers control panel/dashboard. Inspect the fuse. If it is black, it will need to be replaced. 

How We Can Help 

Whether your fuse is blown or your wires are shot, our team here at Alpha Appliances wants to help fix your washing machine the right way. To find out more about our washer repair in Richmond Hill, be sure to give us a call at (416) 577-5354 today! We look forward to speaking with you and helping in any way we can.