Home appliances are not cheap, aside from your furniture they are the most costly additions in a home. Although every type of appliance has a different expected lifespan, chances are yours are not set to last as long as they should. There are often appliances replaced or discarded that just need a bit of repair and maintenance. Alpha Appliance Services has put together a short list of common appliances, their expected longevity, and common, yet fixable problems you may face over the years!

Washing Machines – 12 Years

A standard washing machine is built to last 12 years while a top loader will last as long as 15 years. There are a few recurrent problems you may face that are easily repaired. A malfunctioning drum which may be a result of a broken belt drive or worn our carbon brushes. A smelly washer is caused by bacteria buildup which can be cleaned. A broken door is often caused by a non-functional lock, switch or handle which can all be replaced. Cleaning your machine on a monthly basis and repairing your washing machine as issues occur will help increase its lifespan.

Dishwasher – 13 Years

A standard dishwasher is built to last 13 years. There are a few typical problems that may develop that are easily repaired. A dishwasher that doesn’t drain presumably has a damaged filter or a drain blockage. A leak is most often caused by a latch malfunction or a hose leak, both are easily repaired. Improper cleaning is most often caused by user error such as using too much detergent or loading in the wrong order. Repairing issues as they occur and using your dishwasher at least once a week can increase the lifespan of your washer.

Oven -10 to 20 Years

A standard oven and range are built to last one to two decades. There are a few frequent problems you may experience that are easily repaired. If the heating elements are damaged or burnt out, it can cause your oven to stay cold. If your oven overheats, it may be caused by a faulty thermostat or blocked vents. Both issues are easily repaired. A sparking hob should be repaired by a stove repair professional ASAP and may be caused by excess water. Repairing issues with your oven as they occur and periodic cleanings can increase its lifespan.

Tumble Dryer- 10 to 15 Years

A standard dryer is built to last 10-15. There are a few ordinary problems you may encounter that are easily repaired. A tripped thermostat can cause your dryer to run cold, but replacing it is simple. A snapped belt will keep the tumbler from turning and should be replaced. A dryer that expels cold air is most likely caused by a clogged vent hose. Repairing your dryer as issues occur and emptying the lint filter after ever use can increase the lifespan of your tumble dryer.

How Alpha Appliance Services Can Help

Does it surprise you that your appliances are built to last so long? With regular maintenance, cleaning and repair your home appliances can last well past their expectancy. To help you get the most out of your appliances Alpha Appliance Services is here to help. We are well versed in repairing most brand and models of home appliances. If you are looking for appliance repair in Richmond Hill and the surrounding area, give us at a call at (416) 577-5354. We’re eager to help.