A lot of people think that because a washing machine washes that it should be clean. Well, that is certainly not true.

Did you know that a washing machine can become full of bacteria? Actually, a washing machine can begin to grow mold. Soap can build up inside the machine when too much laundry detergent is used. This can cause a whole heap of issues.

Below is some information that can give great tips in preventing mold while keeping the machine running well.

Check Drain Filters

Drain filters will need to be cleaned regularly. This is a fairly simple task. Albeit often forgotten about. A drain filter can become clogged up in a short amount of time. Unclean water can become problematic and clothes will often have a bad odor even after being washed.

A drain filter was made to prevent small objects from being transferred into the washing machines pump. Sometimes this drain filter can become clogged. When it does the water will not be able to drain as it should. This means clothes will be left needing to be rewashed which can result in a higher electrical bill.

Drain filters should be clean two times throughout the year. So, once every six months.

Be Eco-Friendly

Did you know that by washing clothes eco-friendly you are providing several benefits for yourself and the environment? Washing clothes at 30 degrees Celsius can result in less energy use. That number can go all the way up to 40% of energy saved.

When washing clothes with a cooler water temperature they will not shrink as much. This can extend the life of clothing. While some believe that clothes get washed better at hotter water temperatures, this is untrue. Clothes are just as clean no matter the degree of water. However, washing at cooler temperatures can result in bacteria build up in the washing machine.

Fight Bacteria

There are some things besides changing the drain filter that can fight back bacteria. Vinegar can be added into loads of laundry to reduce bacteria build up in the machine.

Allow the machine to dry in between loads. This prevents bacteria from growing.

Change Door Seals

Door seals should be cleaned regularly. The seal to the machine can hold a lot of bacteria. This is easy to clean. By taking a cloth wipe the seal out.

If mold has built up on the seal and it cannot be removed, then a new seal may need to be purchased and the old seal replaced.

Do Not Over Load Machine

While wanting to wash all of the dirty laundry at once, this should be avoided. By overloading the washing machine, it can cause issues. The machine can actually break. This can also require more drying time due to an insufficient spin cycle.

Try not to underload the machine either. This can just waster time, energy, and cause the machine to become unbalanced resulting in damage to the drum of the machine.

Do Not Fit It Yourself

Avoid trying to fix a washing machine yourself. More intricate parts should be left to the professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact a professional like Alpha Appliance Services at (416) 577-5354 if problems persist.