Nothing is worse than trying to bake a cake or cookies only to find that your oven is unable to reach the proper temperature. Several issues can cause your oven to stop heating properly. Some are simple and can be fixed on your own, while others may require a professional to take a look. Alpha Appliance Services has put together a list of the top four reasons an oven fails to heat properly so that you can fix it or call for our help.

Check the Bake Element

If no heat is generated from the oven, it is most likely that the bake element has burned out. This element is found at the bottom of the oven and is responsible for roasting and baking your food. When burned out, it will not be able to receive electricity, which means your oven won’t heat. If you ever looked at your oven while it was heating, you may notice a coil that turns red when hot. This is the element we are talking about, which will wear out over time with frequent use. Utilizing the self-clean feature often will speed up its deterioration.

Check the Oven Control Board

When the oven control is not functioning properly, it can cause your oven not to heat or to heat unevenly. This part of the oven is paired with the sensor, which helps to regulate the internal temperature. If the sensor or control board is damaged, neither part will work correctly. This will result in burned or undercooked food. This is not something that can be repaired. The malfunctioning component will need to be replaced so that your oven can maintain proper cooking temperatures.

Check the Broil Element

Similar to the baking coil, the broiling element also helps to heat your oven and cook food. This element sits at the top of your oven and serves the same function as your baking element. If the bake element is broken, then the broil element won’t function at all. However, the broil element can malfunction without effecting the baking element. The result will be food that is unevenly cooked or only cooked on the bottom. The broil element must be replaced it if is no longer working. Repair is not an option.

Check the Thermal Fuse

Every electric oven is fitted with a thermal fuse that protects your home and its inhabitants. Anytime your oven becomes excessively heated, the fuse will be tripped, which causes the power to shut off. As annoying as this may be, it is a precautionary measure. If the fuse is broken or if it blows during a self-clean cycle, it will need to be replaced by an oven repair technician.

How We Can Help

If your oven is giving you trouble, give Alpha Appliance Services a call instead of getting burned out. We have been providing high-quality appliance repair services in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area for many years. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment for repair, give us a call at (416) 577-5354 today.