According to recent statistics, many households throw away at least $2,000 of unused food each year. With the ongoing pandemic, maintaining a budget is even harder than usual. Preventing food wastage is critical, and with tips from Alpha Appliance Services, you can make your food last longer by storing it more efficiently. 

Proper Refrigerator Placement

Most of us will cramp food in the refrigerator wherever it may fit, but this is highly inefficient. Not only can this speed up food spoilage, but it can also cause cross-contamination. Instead, you should be using your refrigerator’s separated zones, which all have optimal temperatures for certain items.

The doors of your unit will have fluctuating temperatures, so only spoil resistant items should be placed there. For example, milk, cheese, and other perishables don’t belong in what is the warmest area of your refrigerator. You can store your juice, water, condiments, and other temperature resistant items in this area.

Your top shelves have the best temperature consistency. Any food that doesn’t require cooking or reheating should be placed in these areas. Deli meat, berries, hummus, and other similar items are some examples. The lower shelves of your refrigerator are the coolest. Items that should be placed here are ones that are more sensitive to temperatures, such as milk, butter, cheese, and more.

Crisp Properly

Most wasted food is not unwanted leftovers but rather produce that has spoiled. Using your crisper correctly can help reduce wastage dramatically. These drawers are temperature-controlled compartments that manage humidity efficiently. There are small windows that allow you to adjust the level of moisture in those areas while also allowing ethylene gas to escape. Leafy greens and other high wilt vegetables should be stored in this area for increased longevity.

Rotation and Regular Decluttering

It is critical to check the food in your refrigerator on a regular basis. This will allow you to catch any items that may be on the verge of spoiling or already spoiled before the bacteria spreads. Rotating your food also allows you to consume the items that have earlier use by dates than others. Not only will this reduce spoilage, but it will help you shop more efficiently as well. When you do go grocery shopping, place the most recent items in the back and the older items up near the front so they can be used before they spoil.

Leave Some Space

No matter what size refrigerator you have it is important to keep it from being overcrowded. It is an efficient use of energy to have a full refrigerator, but not so much that cold air is unable to circulate around all of your items. If you notice that your fridge is struggling to remain cold even when only partially full, you’ll likely need to call a refrigerator repair service or completely replace it. Appliances such as refrigerators have an extended life, but even the best refrigerator may start to struggle after 7 to 8 years.

How We Can Help

If you are interested in upgrading your appliances, or if you need servicing for your current models, the experts here at Alpha Appliance Services can help. We have been providing appliance installations and appliance repair in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area for over ten years, and we hope to continue to serve customers like you for many more to come. Give us a call at (416) 577-5354 to find out more or book your appointment.