There are a wide number of sounds that indicate a broken fridge. Learning about the potential reasons as to why they are happening, and what steps to take when you’ve found the cause is important. Alpha Appliance Services will help you troubleshoot, so you can hire an appliance repair service if needed.

Grinding or Clattering Sound

This sound can come off as very concerning to the person experiencing it. This noise is almost always the ice maker. In general, ice cubes can be noisy. This is mostly because they are falling into a hollow, hard plastic tray. The ice maker machinery also moves, so that can cause sound as well.

If the clattering/grinding is only intermittent, then it is most likely just the sound of your machine doing its job. If it gets louder and becomes more frequent, however, it usually indicates your ice maker needs to be taken out and cleaned. If you do this, as well as defrost the unit, and it is still causing a problem, it is probably a good idea to contact our team at Alpha Appliance Services. 

Rattling Noise

If you hear any type of rattling, whether it is constant or intermittent, this could be an issue with your fan. Oftentimes, it is either broken or becomes loose on its motor shaft. Your fan is supposed to keep an even temperature for your refrigerator by transferring cold air around the unit. You may also notice that the air is not flowing well, or that there is a build up of frost. If these occur, it can also be considered an issue with the fan. This is an instance in which you should call your local appliance repair company.

Whirring or Whining Noises

Usually, a high pitch sound coming from the fridge is caused by a malfunction within either the motor or electricity system. A motor is likely to make this whiny noise when the machine is not in proper alignment. As well as this, if too much power gets sent through a low-power circuit, then the electricity can make that of a whining noise. 

This is another serious issue that requires professional help in order to fix. In some cases, a deep cleaning might just be what your fridge needs, but if not, then it’s important to get the issue fixed immediately so it does not worsen overtime. Luckily, we here at Alpha Appliance Services provide Refrigerator Repair in Newmarket, meaning that you can sit back with ease as we do all of the complex work for you. If you have any questions about sounds your refrigerator is making, or would just like to learn more about what we do, be sure to call us at (416) 577-5354 today! We look forward to hearing from you.