Of all the appliances in your home, the one you want to run most efficiently is the freezer. A new freezer will always work well, but over time parts may start to deteriorate. As this happens, the performance may also degrade which can lead to less ice, food that won’t freeze, and even leaks when you least expect them. In this instance, you should call a freezer repair specialist in Newmarket/Aurora right away to help fix the problem. In the meantime, Alpha Appliance Services has put together a list of four helpful tips that will help keep your freezer working properly. 

Fill Your Freezer

An empty or even mostly empty freezer will prevent proper cooling. It is a good idea to keep your freezer at least two-thirds full in order for it to run efficiently. If you are between grocery runs or simply don’t have that many items that need to be frozen, you can fill ice trays instead. You can also fill bottles of water to reach the right freezer capacity. All freezers run more efficiently when they have work to do, in other words, things to freeze. 

Avoid Placing Hot Things in the Freezer

Cooking larger portions and then freezing them for later is a great way to reduce your workload. Filling up your empty freezer with food will also help it run more efficiently. It is important that you remember not to put things in the freezer while they are still hot. Anytime you prepare meals that you plant to freeze later, allow the dishes to cool to room temperature before placing them in the freezer. If you put hot dishes directly into the freezer it will force it to work overtime to cool them. Hot dishes may also cause already frozen items to heat up which may have a negative effect on their nutritional value. 

Don’t Keep The Doors Open

It is important that you only keep the doors to your freezer open long enough to take out or put away your food. Leaving your freezer doors open for extended time periods will increase the temperature inside of your freezer. If this happens often enough, it can cause certain components to get overworked or even break. 

Equip Your Freezer With A Thermometer

Your freezer should always maintain a temperature of zero degrees or lower. Too cold is bad for your freezer and too warm is also bad for your freezer. Maintaining a steady temperature will help keep your food safe and also ensure your freezer is running efficiently. One way to maintain a steady temperature is by using your freezer’s thermometer or installing one if it has not been included. If you notice that your temperature is going too much in either direction you can adjust your thermostat to accommodate the fluctuations. Most freezers will have slight variations depending on how much is stored and even how hot or cold it is in your home. Constant fluctuations may mean that your freezer is in need of repair. 

Freezer Maintenance With Alpha Appliance Services

If your appliances are not working optimally, we can help. Our highly skilled team of freezer repair technicians are on standby, ready to take your call. If you have a malfunctioning freezer, set up an appointment by dialing (416) 577-5354 today.