As the months go by and appliances are used consistently, issues are bound to happen every now and then. This is especially true if you’ve had your appliances for years and have had no appliance repair/maintenance done on them in those past years. 

One of the issues people run into is a problem with their oven. It can be all the more confusing when your oven breaks down, but your stovetop is completely unaffected. Since these are two sides of the same coin, why is one working but the other isn’t? To learn about why this happens and how it can be fixed, check out the info we here at Alpha Appliance Services have to offer. 

Insufficient Power 

In general, an electric oven requires approximately 240 volts of AC current to operate effectively. Without the right amount of power, things can go wrong and the oven component can begin to stop working as well/at all. Something as simple as a tripped breaker can disrupt the flow of energy through your oven and, because of this, the oven can stop working completely. In order to fix this issue, make sure your oven is plugged in properly, to an outlet, and with enough electricity. 

A Damaged Element 

In the oven component, there are heating elements that work to heat your oven to the right temperature in a sufficient amount of time. When one of these elements is damaged, the heat that would normally radiate throughout your oven is disrupted, causing the part to not heat up properly. In every case, an element like this will have to be replaced with a new one. You can either do this job yourself, or get a professional to do it. 

Control Board Issues 

Regardless of what type of electrical oven you have, it will always have a control board. In simplest terms, the control board is there to take charge of the broil elements, baking elements, and generally every other element within the oven. Keeping an eye out for any short circuiting/burnouts in this area is important in determining whether or not you’re having issues with your control board. In most cases, this will need to be handled by a professional, as this work is difficult. 

How Our Company Can Help 

Here at Alpha Appliance Services, we help repair a number of different issues with appliances of all types. From kitchen appliances to laundry appliances, we do all the work to make sure your devices operate safely and effectively for years to come. To find out more about how to work with our team and get a oven repair in Richmond Hill with us, be sure to call our staff at (416) 577-5354 today so we can help in the best way possible.