When you pull your dinner out of the oven, is it evenly cooked? If it’s not, this could be an indication that your oven is having a heating problem. For this reason, our team at Alpha Appliance Services is here to explain four solutions that may fix your oven’s problem. In order to avoid a health hazard of eating food that isn’t cooked thoroughly, it’s important to call in oven repair in Richmond Hill services when you begin to notice your food isn’t cooked evenly so that the problem can be resolved ASAP. 

The Oven Racks Need to Be Adjusted 

This first case of an oven heating unevenly could have to do with oven racks. In some cases, when you place food in the oven, you will notice that higher racks are getting burnt while lower racks are getting undercooked. If this problem arises for you, your racks may require lowering. In addition, you may need to rotate your food between racks while it is cooking to ensure it is heated evenly. 

The Oven Needs to Be Calibrated 

Say for example you are cooking a pizza in the oven and you notice that the crust is burnt and the middle is raw, this could be an indicator that your oven isn’t calibrated properly. Having your oven calibrated properly means that when you set a temperature, your oven preheats to that exact temperature. Most times, heating and cooling can cause an oven’s temperature accuracy to wear over time, and in these cases, an expert should be called in to assess the problem. 

The Temperature Sensor is Faulty 

In order to check if your temperature sensor is working, check the sensor that is located inside your oven. Do this by preheating the oven to a certain temperature and then by checking the sensor inside. If the sensor shows a higher or lower temperature than what you set, you might be facing a faulty sensor that needs replacing. Temperature sensors need to be replaced by an oven expert. 

The Oven Fan is Broken 

The fan inside of your oven has the job of evenly distributing the heat around the oven in order to help the food cook evenly. If you begin to notice that the fan is making louder sounds than usual, it may be time to check on it. You can check on the fan by waiting for your oven to cool and then manually trying to spin the fan with your hand. If there is any resistance, it may be time to have it replaced. 

How We Can Help 

If you are having oven issues, our team at Alpha Appliance Services would be happy to come in and access the problem for you. We provide a wide range of Appliance Repair in Richmond Hill services and our team would be happy to come into your home and fix what needs fixing. To book an appointment, give our appliance repair specialists a call today at (416) 577-5354.